Spring - the Season of Nurture and Renewal

Spring is the long wait after winter, we can feel it taunting us as August comes to an end. We start throwing the windows open and preparing for a big sprucing up of the home and airing everything out. Shaking the cobwebs not only off the house but off ourselves too. Our step lightens with the promise of warmer weather and we start to feel ready to surge forward with both movement and action after a season of hibernation. 

Persians even celebrate their New Year on the first day of spring. Iranians today continue the practice of "khooneh tekouni" which means shaking of the house. It's to cleanse the house, rid it of bad luck from last year and start a new year afresh. 

And now with a new season beginning we once again talk to Amanda Adey,

Toorak based practitioner and teacher of kinesiology, to gain some insight to the emotional and physical aspects of Spring. If you read The Importance of Hibernation in Winter Amanda explained to us the natural rhythms of the body are in alignment with the seasons. Looking to nature for guidance will tell us exactly what we need to be doing! 

Spring is the season of Nurture and renewal 

Newly hatched ducklings

"Seeds start to sprout, flowers bloom, the sun comes out and there is a sense of rebirth in the air and new beginnings being planted.  A sense of renewal may give us the vision and inspiration to bring our goals and creative energy into fruition. On a Metaphysical level Spring governs the following organs, and these are some questions you may ask yourself: 

Thyroid ~ Are you devoted to self? Do what you planned in winter and action it, follow through. Love yourself. Be your truth.

Bladder~ Are you in control of your own yearnings?

Small Intestines~ Have you assimilated and digested all your ideas? Have they integrated yet?

Kidney~ Now that you know what you want -  Be decisive. How will you cope with change and all this newness of new beginnings?

Will you push through any fear that may come up and push forward in your intended direction?"

While Winter is associated with Water, Spring is governed by Wood 

- which is associated with the Liver and gallbladder organs.  The color Green – new life - it’s a yang time, and one of the primary emotions are ANGER.

Anger - the emotion of Spring

Amanda tells us that "there may be an energy build up from winter that still needs to be released. Some impatience, irritability, anger may be bubbling up within you still? The sound of the wood element is “shouting”, so maybe a good shout out is needed to release and get back into balance."

The liver and gallbladder can be about detoxification and spring-cleaning of systems and life.

Planning, transformation, having the courage to live your hearts desires – your destiny.

Things to do to action this energy:

~Take a risk and try something new that you’ve been processing in winter

~Hydrate the body with water and lemon. Lemon can nourish the liver

~Do a liver cleanse or detox, fast.

~Move the body. The liver needs movement.

~Spring clean- let go of things, stuff, create balance and order again

~Deal with Anger. Once dealt with it can be transformational.

Smoothie for health 

Kinesiology is great for helping you deal with all the metaphysical and Chinese medicine issues stated above.

Another fun way to deal with anger from a recent blog post from Elizabeth Peru - and so timely for Spring! Three Easy ways to Transmute the Energy of Anger.

Firstly, feeling and acknowledging anger can sometimes be the best thing for you, particularly if you've bottled up deep anger for a long time and simply need to let it out and express. It's when anger eats away at us (over the long term) that it becomes a negative in our life. 


When you feel anger rise, NOTICE IT. Don't stuff it back down or fight away the tears. Acknowledge (to yourself) what you're feeling.

  1. ASK IT.

Now, ask yourself, "Why am I so angry?" Notice the first words that come to you and write them down. Look at those words and see if they are valid in any way 


Lastly (and this is the best part) you're going to work this anger out of your body. Immediately move away from what you're doing. Change your scene. Literally go for a walk or stand outside and listen to the sounds all around you. Shift your frequency and watch your anger dissipate.





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