Raw Tiramisu Parfait

About three or four years ago I stopped drinking coffee. No real reason, I just decided that if I was going to drink coffee it would be because I actually wanted to rather than out of habit or a false sense of "need" for the caffeine hit. Since then I’ve probably only had about two cups of coffee.

 And then I tried Natural Raw C’s Coffee + Coconut water

 I’ve had a play around with a few recipes using Coffee + Coconut - and more will definitely follow! There is such a lovely taste to this coconut water, it’s got a definite hit of coffee without being overbearing. Tiramisu to be honest has never been high on my list of must have desserts, I’ve never enjoyed soggy biscuit and always found the coffee too much. I have also made it myself in the days before I discovered raw desserts and it was fine, just not my favourite.

 Admittedly, I’ve never tried a Tiramisu made by an Italian though so please don’t get angry.


This is such an easy recipe and one that has definitely grown on me. The first one I really enjoyed but then I made it again to double check the recipe and I never wanted it to end! This tiramisu will definitely be on repeat and is in fact a super easy and delicious way to fool your friends into thinking they are eating something completely decadent and unhealthy! 


If you make this I’d love to hear your thoughts, and of course see what you make! Don’t forget to tag @freyasnourishment and #freyasnourishment


Coffee Cream:

1heaped cup cashews soaked
2/3 cup @naturalrawc Coffee + Coconut water
1 1/2 tbsp organic coconut syrup
1 tbsp coconut oil

Caramel Swirl:

7 dates soaked in boiling water
Generous pinch Celtic salt

Toffee Pieces:

1 cup activated buckinis
1/4 cup organic coconut syrup
1 small bar of @wellnaturallyau dark chocolate


Coffee Cream:
Add all ingredients together and blend until smooth

Caramel Swirl:
Soak dates for 10 minutes until soft. Add to your food processor with the salt and process until smooth. 

Toffee Pieces:
Heat coconut syrup in a small frypan until bubbling, add buckinis and stir until combined well and caramelising
Spread out onto a baking sheet lined with paper and drizzle over melted chocolate
Place in freezer until set

To serve:
Although I have put into two jars, it’s really enough for three people, four if you’re already pretty full! 
Layer firstly the coffee cream into the bottom of your jars. The place a generous teaspoon of the caramel. Top with some plain activated buckinis along with the toffee pieces. It’s good at this point to place in the freezer for 15 minutes to set it slightly - especially if you want clear layers
Grate a layer of dark chocolate then repeat the same process finishing with a layer of coffee cream. Again set in the freezer between each layer, finishing with a generous pile of toffee pieces

Note: There are more than enough toffee pieces for leftovers. I know I said this in the Golden Gaytime Raw Cheesecake recipe and it was hotly disputed that there actually was enough. This time there is definitely plenty! Which was intentional because they are that good! You will be eating them as you make this dish. If by chance you haven’t eaten/used them all and you do have leftovers, I find they store best in the freezer so that the toffee doesn’t soften. These were originally used on my Danish Apple Cake without the chocolate, but really came into their own on the Raw Golden Gaytime cheesecake but I use it on so many things now! 

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