Rose and Pomegranate Bath and Foot Salts
Rose and Pomegranate Bath and Foot Salts
Rose and Pomegranate Bath and Foot Salts

Rose and Pomegranate Bath and Foot Salts

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Run a bath, soak away your cares and emerge glowing.

Got an hour to yourself? Grab a good book and run a hot bath before adding a scoop of our gorgeous Rose and Pomegranate Bath and Foot Salts. They’re full of antioxidants and healing qualities to soothe tired muscles and leave you energised, while bringing a sense of balance to your mind and body.

What’s in these lovely Salts?

These beautifully-scented bath salts are made with Australian sea salt, pure essential oils, nourishing Epsom salts and flower petals. Rose oil promotes circulation, reduces blood pressure and keeps your skin's appearance shining with vitality. Pomegranate oil is said to prevent free radical damage and slows the appearance of aging by enhancing elasticity and promoting cell regeneration. Australian sea salt is known for its ability to soothe aches and pains, reduce toxin build-up and treat psoriasis.

And you don't need a bath to enjoy Bath Salts....

A foot bath is a great way to use them if you don’t have time for a long bath - your feet will absorb the oils quickly, bringing them into your bloodstream so they can start working their magic. Our bath salts are also beautiful mixed with your favourite body wash to add a touch of exfoliation and boost of magnesium to your morning shower. 

Available in either a 250g or a 150g PET recyclable container, both perfect for use in the shower and smaller size is perfect to travel with.

For more ways to use our Bath and Foot Salts without a bath tub, read our Journal post here and for Five Reasons to Fall in Love with Epsom Salts, head over to our Journal post here


Epsom salts, Australian sea salt, Manihot ultilissima (tapioca), Carthamus tinctorius* Fucus vesiculosus* (Bladderwrack infused (safflower) Oil)*, Punica granatum (pomegranate oil)*, Rosa damascena (rose), rose petals*

*Certified Organic Ingredients

    Rose and Pomegranate Bath and Foot Salts