Rose Hand Scrub 


Hello! We often get asked questions about Freya's Nourishment and so we've prepared a little Q&A about us, our products and more. Read on for the lowdown and don't forget to get in touch if you have another question, or use the form at the bottom of the page.

So, should I call you Freya, or...?

Actually, the person behind Freya's Nourishment is me, Kristie! My kitchen is my sanctuary, whether I am creating products or food, and for me the most important ingredient in every recipe is love.  

Is there a story behind the site's name? 

I wanted the business to have its own identity rather than being about me – but I was keen to incorporate my Danish background (on my mother’s side) as I’ve always been drawn to it. A friend suggested I look at goddess names, which I did – and I fell for ‘Freya’ immediately. Freya is the Nordic goddess of love and beauty, amongst other things, and to me it was perfect.

Where do you get all the ideas and recipes for your products?

My background is a mix of cooking and health. I’ve worked in catering and the food industry most of my teens and 20s, and I’ve also studied reflexology, massage and aromatherapy. Freya’s Nourishment is really how I live my life. The ideas come from wanting to replace a shop bought product with one I make myself. I have so many recipe ideas just waiting to be brought to life and I’m lost without my notepad – I’m taking notes all the time. I find that when the time is right the recipe almost creates itself.

You seem pretty passionate about all things natural...

It’s how I was raised. My mum was quite forward in her thinking. I’m a 70s baby, and mum refused to buy anything with artificial colours or flavours. We were the kids who had to say no to processed foods – like the revered red or green ice blocks at the pool parties (we had to opt for the colourless lemonade flavour). I had health problems in my teens and found I improved with a better diet – and it was a natural progression from eating clean to going ‘natural’ in all other aspects of my life. We only have one body and we need to respect it. What we put into it affects every aspect of our lives.


What’s a day in your life like? 

I was born at 5am so I think that has set me up for life as an early riser! I start my day with exercise – either a run, a gym class and always a 5-6km walk with the dogs. I eat breakfast while I do social media, then I get any orders ready for courier pick up. Then the day really begins and they’re always different – it might be purely admin, writing posts for the Journal, talking with stockists, meeting up with other business owners and helping each other or collaborating together. My favourite days involve re-stocking products or recipe creating. Making scrubs, bath salts or oils is heaven – or spending a day surrounded by beautiful ingredients and seeing it all come together is just magic for me.

How long does it take to perfect a recipe?  

Perfecting a product recipe is a long process. It starts with the concept of what I want the product to achieve, right through to the ingredients and how they complement each other. I also think about the benefits of each ingredient and who can and would use them. For example, I specifically wanted the Rose Hand Scrub to help with the appearance of dry skin. So the oils I chose for the scrub, whilst beautiful for everyone to use, are particularly helpful for making the skin appear smoother.  I do split my time between food and products. I am always creating recipes for both, not all make it to Freya’s Nourishment as a product or food recipe but it constantly goes on. A new product could spend a year with me, being tested, making sure of its results before I release it.

What’s coming up at Freya's Nourishment? 

Expect more blog posts in the Journal and more great recipes for beauty and health that you can create from your kitchen pantry. I’m also working on a recipe e-book (coming out later this year) and a brand new product range that I can’t wait to share with everyone! Don't forget to sign up to my newsletter for the latest news about new products and recipes, and special subscriber offers, too.

Please use the form below for any questions or queries, or email hello@freyasnourishment.com.au