Recycling Program

We are excited to introduce a recycling program at Freya's Nourishment. We already use the TerraCycle Office Supplies Zero Waste Box to recycle all of our label backings and office supplies in our studio, and now you can send back any of your Freya's Nourishment jars, bottles and closures to be responsibly recycled and turned into park benches and playground equipment amongst other items.


We hope you'll enjoy using our recycling program and feel good about being involved in it, to reduce the amount of landfill we all create. Send back any Freya’s Nourishment packaging and we will collate them and get them to TerraCycle to be recycled into park benches or playground equipment.


What does TerraCycle do?

Starting in the US in 2001, TerraCycle helps to eliminate waste by recycling the non recyclable. Terracycle can collect, and recycle, almost any form of waste – from coffee pods to chip bags, Terracycle makes new products out of waste. 


How do I become involved?

Step 1

Keep the box or reusable Hero satchel (or another box) that your products arrive in and start filling it up with your empty bottles, jars, pumps and sachets of Freya's Nourishment products. Make sure your containers are clean and free of any residual product or water. We can only recycle the packaging, not any left-over products. 

Step 2

Once you have filled your box or satchel (ideally with more than 5 products) simply send them back to us at Freya's Nourishment, PO Box 3044, Moorabbin East, Victoria 3189, popping a note into your package with your name and email address so we can send you a $10 voucher to use in our store to reimburse you for the postage. 

Step 3

We will then collect and send all Freya's Nourishment packaging to TerraCycle to be recycled into park benches or playground equipment.


Q. What can I send?

A. If it is a Freya's Nourishment product you can send the packaging back to us. Whether it is your oil bottles, scrub jars, bath salt jars or even the little sample sachets we gift to you with your order, it can all be sent back to us and we will recycle it with TerraCycle! 


Q. How should I send it?

A. Pack it all in your Freya's Nourishment box or satchel, or any other boxes you have handy. We kindly ask you to collect as much empty Freya's Nourishment packaging as possible and not send in single products. Remember to make sure your tubes and bottles are free of residual product.

Q. How do I clean the tubes?

A. There is no need to wash your packaging before returning, however the packaging should be as empty as possible, with all excess product removed.

Q. Do I have to pay delivery?

A. For now, yes. Please post to our PO Box and we will send you a $10 voucher to spend in store as a thank you. As the popularity of the program increases we will happily reassess this, and as always, we are open to feedback from you via email at We have looked into the free returns via Australia Post, and would love to offer this to our customers, but we need you all to be involved as this is a costly venture and we need to have enough of you to take part! 


If you have any questions about the recycling program please do not hesitate to contact us at



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