Candle Tins
Candle Tins

Candle Tins

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Candles and a hot steaming bath are a match made in heaven

Our beautifully scented candle tins will help transform the most ordinary bathroom into a haven of utter bliss as you sink bath easing your aches and pains in our Bath Salts taking in the aroma of your favourite scent.

Going away for the weekend? Make sure to pop one of our tins into your bag to take with you to create a home away from home.

Are the candles vegan? 

Yes! 100% vegan soy wax is used which helps create a cleaner burn.  

Are there any tricks to a good burn? 

Absolutely! Like everything in life, the more you take care of it the more love you receive in return. Always trim the wick before burning to 3mm to prevent a "dancing flame" and unwanted smoke. To avoid tunnelling and memory rings (yes, soy wax has a memory!) the first burn is the most important! Make sure to keep the candle burning until the entire top layer has melted to the edges, if you blow the candle out before this, that's when a tunnel is created. 

Now for the good stuff, your scents! What are they?! 

We have six beautiful scents, and every person has their own favourite. Scent is truly a personal thing, what one person loves another does not. But one thing that everyone agrees on is the high quality of our each scents, the lingering aroma even when the candle is not burning and the ability to evoke long forgotten memories. 

Presented in a lovely smooth tin with lid, measuring 71mm in diameter and 44mm in height. These candle tins are 170g and have a burn time of 25-30 hours. 

Hand-poured in Melbourne.


Candle Tins