Jasmine Bath and Foot Salts
Jasmine Bath and Foot Salts

Jasmine Bath and Foot Salts

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Pop these into a bath before bed and you'll sleep like a baby.

In our busy, fast-paced lives, it’s sometimes near impossible to shoehorn a bit of me-time in. So here at Freya’s Nourishment, we’re big fans of a bath. Whether you’re lowering your body into a steaming tub for a relaxing soak or simply filling up a foot bath for a quick DIY pampering session, it’s a lovely regular habit we all need to do more often. And that’s where our beautiful Jasmine Bath and Foot Salts come in, designed to revitalise your energy and ease tired muscles.

What’s in the Jasmine Bath and Foot Salts?

Australian sea salt is the hero ingredient, for its therapeutic and rejuvenating properties. It’s perfect for alleviating aches and pains, reducing toxin build-up and treating psoriasis. We’ve also blended in nourishing Epsom salts and a range of essential oils including jasmine oil to soothe dry skin, reduce the appearance of scars and help heal eczema and dermatitis. Oh, flower petals – because we all need a dash of day spa-inspired luxury!

Sounds super relaxing. Anything else I should know?

Actually, yes! If you apply essential oils to the base of your feet, the oils are absorbed into the bloodstream within 30 seconds and start working their magic.

These beautifully scented bath salts are presented in a 350g stand up pouch or an 80g travel sized pouch.

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Epsom salts, Australian sea salt, Manihot ultilissima (tapioca), Prunis amygdalus dulcis (sweet almond oil)*, Jasminum granduflorum (Jasmine), Jasmine petals

*Certified Organic Ingredients

Jasmine Bath and Foot Salts