Muscle Soak - Freya's Nourishment
Muscle Soak - Freya's Nourishment
Muscle Soak - Freya's Nourishment

Muscle Soak

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Soak your body. Ease your stresses. Sleep like a baby. 

Taking time out can be hard, but it’s vital – and one of the best ways is with a calming, relaxing soak. These Epsom salts are perfect for revitalising your energy and soothing tired muscles. Scatter a handful into a full, steaming tub, stir – and hop in for a bath that’ll end your day on a peaceful note.

With the spicy, musky and peppery scent of black pepper essential oil to support circulation and ease anxiety, along with the citrus tang of Sweet Orange essential oil that is perfect for not only skin health but digestive & immune support.  

What’s in these Salts?

Australian sea salt is full of essential minerals, which have therapeutic and rejuvenating properties. It’s also considered highly beneficial as a natural treatment of psoriasis. Stress depletes the body of magnesium, soaking in these bath salts will help restore the balance. 

Sounds amazing. Anything else to tell me?

Not all of us have the luxury of having a bath in our homes so these salts are also perfect for a foot bath. Pour half a cup into a basin to ease tired feet and benefit from the pure essential oils. Your body will absorb just as much goodness through your feet. The salts are also great added to your body wash, to give your morning ritual an extra boost. 

Have a jar of Hand Rescue nearby, as your skin starts to soften, use the scrub on both your hands and your feet. 

If you shower off after a bath, don't use soap, just rinse. This will allow the essential oils to stay on your skin and will continue working on you.

Available in a 250g PET recyclable container.

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Magnesium sulphate (epsom salts), Sodium chloride (Australian and Himalayan sea salt), Manihot ultilissima (tapioca), Carthamus tinctorius* Fucus vesiculosus* (Bladderwrack infused (safflower) Oil)*, Citrus sinensis (sweet orange EO), Piper nigrum (black pepper EO)

*Certified Organic Ingredients

    Muscle Soak - Freya's Nourishment