Odin Mens Gift Pack

Odin Mens Gift Pack

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The Odin Gift Pack was the first peek of this luxurious new range by Freya

It was so popular that the range is now available as individual products. The pack is great value and a beautiful gift for the man in your life who loves to take care of themselves. 

Hand Rescue, Scrub for Men

A great remedy for tired and dry hands..and feet too, this scrub leaves the hands still feeling strong but without the rough edges. Your partner will be begging to hold your hand

Pre Shave Oil

Applied to damp skin prior to shaving, this oil helps soften the whiskers and protects the skin from razor burn, nicks and friction.  

Muscle Soak

Use in a full bath to submerge your entire body into, or soak your feet in a basin of warm water. Either way will ease your muscles and soothe away tension and stress.  

Hand Knitted Face Cloth

Beautiful face cloths hand knitted from 100% cotton

Perfect to use when cleansing your face prior to using the Pre Shave Oil, or after using our Scrubs

Machine washable on a warm wash

Approximately 20cm x 20cm


Pack value $94


Odin Mens Gift Pack