Pamper Package
Pamper Package

Pamper Package

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Getting ready for your wedding day? Or another big event? Or maybe you just can't decide which Freya's Nourishment skin care product is your favourite? 

You wedding day is the one day where all eyes are on you. You want your face and hands to be perfect, and to look their absolute best. Or maybe it's another event where you want to feel confident in your skin and know that you look your best.  

We have everything you need in one beautiful package for you to be primped and pampered and ready for your big day - or even for every day use. The Rose Hand Scrub will leave your hands perfectly smooth and moisturised, the Facial Oil will help even skin tone and the Coffee Coconut Scrub will leave you polished from head to toe! And of course preparing for a big event there is bound to be stress involved, so make sure you take time out for yourself, to soak in a long hot tub with beautiful essential oils. The complimentary sample sizes are perfect for a weekend away - or a honeymoon - so you can continue your pampering. 


This gorgeous pack contains: 

1 Rose Hand Scrub

1 Rejuvenating Facial Oil

1 Coffee Coconut Scrub plus sample size

1 Rose and Pomegranate Bath and Foot Salts plus sample size

Which means you receive the sample sizes and gorgeous gift packaging free of charge! Plus with our offer of free shipping over $95,  it means you also have this beautifully luxurious pampering selection delivered to your door free of charge! 


Pamper Package