Rose Hand Scrub
Rose Hand Scrub

Rose Hand Scrub

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Keep your hands soft and moisturised by rewarding them with this nourishing hand scrub.

We put our hands through so much on a daily basis, this is a beautiful way to take care of them. With just one use of this Rose Hand Scrub, your hands feel freshly pampered. With continued use, you will notice a difference in the appearance of your skin and how your hands feel.  

At Freya's Nourishment, we find the act of rolling your hands over each other and massaging the scrub into your hands has a beautifully therapeutic and grounding effect. Keep a jar by the sink and apply after washing your hands. This scrub is also wonderful for your feet. 


Australian Sea Salt

The fine Australian sea salt used in this scrub was chosen because it is made purely by evaporating sea water, without any additives. As a result, the salt retains all the beneficial minerals such as magnesium, potassium and calcium. These minerals are all needed to nourish your skin cells. Sea salt draws toxins out of the skin, leaving the skin healthy and with more even tone and texture. And of course, the texture of the sea salt is a wonderful exfoliant

 Apricot Kernel Oil 

This beautiful oil is known to be easily absorbed into the skin which is perfect for dry and sensitive skin. Hands show the first sign of aging, so the high levels of vitamins A and E in apricot kernel oil are wonderful to soften the skin, help retain elasticity and suppleness. Apricot kernel oil’s calming properties also help

Carrot Seed Oil

Carrot seed oil is extracted by steam distillation mainly of the dried seeds of the wild carrot plant but also of the plant itself, therefore it is high in anti-oxidants, carotene and Vitamin A. These properties will help to keep your skin smooth and protect against wrinkles. Carrot seed oil helps to tone the skin and stimulates the growth of new cells. Also having anti viral and antisceptic properties, this beautifully healing oil is perfect to help infections and sores on the skin including psoriasis and rashes.

Pomegranate Oil

Containing punicic acid, an omega 5 fatty acid with strong anti-inflammatory properties, Pomegranate oil is wonderful for protection against sun damage and providing relief from eczema and psoriasis damaged skin. The oil calms redness and irritations and is very healing of scars and wounds. Pomegranate oil absorbs easily into the skin without leaving residue, it improves skin texture and accelerates cell regeneration.

Rose and Rosemary Essential Oils

Rose essential oil is a beautiful oil to treat wounds and heal the skin. It tones and lifts the skin protecting the skin against wrinkles. Due to the anti-oxidants in rose oil, it helps to ease scarring. Rose oil has been used all through the ages to help give your skin a fresh and youthful appearance.

Rosemary oil is a wonderful oil perfect for a hand scrub due to its antiseptic and antimicrobial properties. These help to reduce the effect of eczema and dermatitis and leaves your skin with an even healthy glow. Rosemary oil helps to tone the skin and remove dryness.

Organic Rose Petals

Because they are so pretty and we all need a little luxury!


As there are no preservatives in this scrub, please use a spoon or a wooden spatula to scoop out the scrub to avoid allowing water or any germs enter the jar.

Each Rose Hand Scrub is individually made in its own jar which guarantees quality and attention to detail.

120g net weight, approx 40 uses


Caution: Being an emmenagogue (a herb that encourages menstruation) Rose oil is not advisable to use during pregnancy.  


Australian sea salt, Prunus armeniaca (apricot kernel oil)*, Daucus carota (carrot seed oil), Punica granatum (pomegranate oil)*, Rosa damascena (rose), Rosmarinus officinalisct verbone (rosemary)*, Rose petals*


"I love this product! My hands take a battering in my job so this product is a necessity for me.  I use it 2 – 3 times a week to leave my hands feeling deeply cleansed and moisturised. I use hand cream afterwards to seal in the oils from the scrub leaving my hands feeling extremely soft and pampered." Linda, June 2016.

"Since the dawn of time (or maybe the 90's) I've suffered a severe case of 'old lady hands' and nothing seems to help. Ever since my late teens I have hated my hands and have tried every product I can find. From the heavy duty moisturisers for tradies to the expensive lotions and potions promising the return of youthful hands, nothing has ever worked for me. I was looking into expensive laser rejuvenation but then I tried this hand scrub and to my most pleasant surprise, it has made the world of difference! My hands look like they're 10 years younger! This is now a staple for my bathroom and I refuse to ever give it up!" Tara, February 2016.


The Spot Beauty - Green Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

I love this rose 🌹 hand scrub from @freyasnourishment. A pot of natural goodness that helps to gently exfoliate your hands and feet. The pomegranate, carrot 🥕 seed and apricot kernel oils are very nourishing and hydrating on the skin, definitely a great scrub for dry hands or feet. 👌🏼

A Bella Adventure - Natural Beauty, Travel and Lifestyle Blog

This hand scrub contains skin loving apricot kernel, carrot seed, and pomegranate oils, rose, rosemary and rose petals. I love that it contains real rose petals for that added touch of luxury. The rose fragrance is absolutely beautiful. Natural Australian sea salt gives the perfect cleanse and exfoliation. It leaves my skin feeling super soft and nourished. It would also make a lovely pampering foot scrub.

 @hello_skin Brooke, Green Beauty Blogger

Introducing a beautiful Melbourne company @freyasnourishment 💕 I've been indulging in these beautiful products since before Christmas and have nothing but beautiful words for you this range! ....let me tell you about this hand scrub. I was like, @freyasnourishment have a hand scrub? Awesome, and oh how awesome this product is. I only use it weekly, but it's such a great treat. Have you ever had a really good hand massage? Well this scrub is like that but better! The Australian sea salt is a strong enough scrub that would be way to abrasive for the face, but perfect for the hand. The oils are YUM!! With apricot, carrot seed and pomegranate and Rose. I LOVE this scrub. My hands stay soft for days, and I imagine would be wonderful for really dry hands. I'm not rushing with these products, the are perfect for self love rituals and time out from the world. Plus you should check out Kristie's other beautiful products. 

Georgina Alexandra - Natural Beauty Make Up Artist

Top Five Christmas Gifts under $50

This one is for any women, grandma, mother-in-law, and aunty!

This one is already wrapped under my tree for my mum (hope she isn’t reading this)

This Certified Organic hand scrub is made up from natural salt. The femininity of the rose petals in the hand scrub is beautiful touch too.

It is highly beneficial to those going through change and healing, as the natural salt cleanses and restores your energy.

At Freya’s Nourishment, we find the act of rolling your hands over each other and massaging the scrub into your hands has a beautifully therapeutic and grounding effect. Keep a jar by the sink and apply after washing your hands. This scrub is also wonderful for your feet.

Or even better…. get it in a pack with the incredible soy candle made from 100% soy wax! These candles burn cleanly and promote a cleaner environment in your home – how beautiful and such a perfect match to the hand scrub. YES PLEASE 




Rose Hand Scrub